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Soeldei RP
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ζ welcome to your new life

Soeldei; a city of new beginnings. In every life there is a crossroads, a crucial moment when a single decision or event can alter the course of history. This turning point can be no less than the momentum by which we live out our days. They say the choices we make echo in eternity. Many come to this peaceful sanctuary, this island city cradled by the endless blue sea. Always willingly, some to escape their pasts and some to embrace their futures. Each citizen has heard of Soeldei somehow, even if they don't remember until the choice is made.

Once within the city, you are welcomed by one of the eight hierarchical factions and expected to follow their tenants. The guild masters will give you duties to carry out in addition to your every day jobs. Will you receive promotion and status from within your faction? Switch allegiances? Rise to power? Or are you simply looking to live a quiet life behind the scenes...

ζ about the game

Soeldei is a panfandom roleplaying game, accepting all characters from established fictional universes. The setting is progressive alternate universe, meaning that all characters in play began as canon and diverged at a particular point. For a more detailed explanation on this, see the Game Guide post. We strive to provide a mature, active, and drama-free game setting for players to enjoy.

ζ finding your way


ζ law of the land

1. Thou art a player; thou art not a god.
    Godmodding and/or metagaming is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes controlling other's characters without permission and applying OOC knowledge to in-game circumstances. When in doubt, please check with the staff or the other player in question. Wiki link

2. Spread thy wealth which is thyself.
    Cliques are detrimental to roleplaying and provide a poor example for new and incoming players. The staff thus highly discourages players from limiting their interactions to a certain group or fandom and, should they deem necessary, may take appropriate actions to enforce this.

3. Thy time is thy gift; spend it thusly.
    To preserve the steady flow of gameplay, the staff requests that all characters update individual journals (at least) twice and participate in (at least) one log per calendar month. Muns wishing to excuse themselves due to time constraints or real life obligations may post a hiatus and be exempted from that month's requirements.

4. Thou shalt not allow malediction.
    There will be no slander of or by players involved with this game. The staff shall maintain a one-warning policy in order to best preserve the balance of gameplay. Player concerns should be addressed to the staff promptly and in detail for resolution.

5. Thine artistry reflects thy soul.
    Soeldei shall strive to maintain an exemplary quality of writing by its participants. The staff asks that all players help meet this standard by demonstrating good writing habits such as spell-check, proper grammar, and sensible characterization.